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The Bubble Collection - Fresh New Brand from the USA

There's a new creative perfume brand on the scene, created by the duo of Michael Perris and Gregory Cole who joined forces in the late 90’s when they formed On Trend Films. They had an auspicious start when they came up with the visual concept, as well as directed a film, for ROMANCE BY RALPH LAUREN - the designer’s biggest blockbuster and since became a sought-after name in the fragrance community creating and developing concepts for brands that are among the industry’s biggest successes.

Now, Perris and Cole, are proud to announce the launch of their niche fragrance brand - THE BUBBLE COLLECTION

Working with renowned MANE perfumers they created 6 fragrances divided in 2 "bubbles", the Wander Bubble and the Harmony Bubble. Vincent Kuczinski created the CELEBRATE Harmony Bubble & the SANTORINI Wander Bubble, Gino Percontino created the CHILL Harmony Bubble & the MARRAKECH and REYKJAVIK Wander Bubble and Claude Dir created the CONNECT Harmony Bubble

All 6 fragrances are gender neutral and made to appeal equally to everyone who is a seeker of new experiences and loves celebrating life’s moments, much like the founders of the brand, or just likes the concept and the ingredients.

The Wander Bubble, inspired by memorable destinations is certain to transport you to exciting places!


Greek holidays are always popular and Santorini is one of the most sought after destinations with its blue domes and whitewashed houses. The fragrance bottles the feeling of dazzling sunshine and the fresh smell of the waves crushing on steep cliffs. I always say that you haven't seen a blue sky unless you've spent a summer under the Greek sun. Juicy mandarin and sun-drenched bergamot give a n uplifting and joyous addition to a fragrance that's managed to bottle the essence of Greek summer!

TOP Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink Pepper MID Pear, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Bigaflower, Orange Blossom DRY Musk, Vetiver, Sea Moss, Warm Amber

REYKJAVIK WANDER BUBBLE Cold, crisp and aromatic with a bite of wild foraged fruit, it transports you to the otherworldly landscape of Iceland, where you're walking in the woods to clear your head and centre yourself with rugged, invigorating outdoor freshness.

TOP Juniper, Angelica Seed, Frosted Crowberries MID Iris Absolute, Jasmine Petals, Ambrette Seed DRY Fresh Musk, Frozen Moss, Amber Woods

MARRAKECH WANDER BUBBLE Colorful and dazzling, it takes you for a stroll through the souk, filled with rich aromas of fresh and dried fruit, scintillating spices, sumptuous florals and supple woods while the scent of freshly brewed tea and sweet tobacco call you to the local café for a quick stop.

TOP Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Candied Ginger MID White Tea, Magnolia, Ginger Blossom DRY Musk, Cedarwood, Amber Musk, Blonde Woods

The Harmony Bubble is designed to get you feel more connected to your self.

CHILL HARMONY BUBBLE A calm and restorative fragrance filled with aromatic herbs, to help you restore your balance and serenity. Lemon, cardamom and eucalyptus are quietly refreshing, while lavender and linden have a soothing effect. Quiet vanilla and amber musk line your path to mindful awareness.

TOP Lemon, Cardamom, Eucalyptus MID Lotus, Lavender, Linden Blossom DRY Vanilla, Amber Musk, Sandalwood

CELEBRATE HARMONY BUBBLE Joyful and uplifting, with notes of fresh green tea and crisp aromatic herbs that tingle your nose and bring a smile to your face. A happy fragrance that combines joyous, sparkling notes and a warm, balancing drydown with notes of creamy woods, musk, and dark vanilla.

TOP Green Tea, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Winter Thyme MID Eucalyptus, Everlasting, Jasmine Tea, Spearmint, Cassis DRY Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Woody Musk

CONNECT HARMONY BUBBLE Intimate and quietly welcoming, Connect invites you in with delicious skin musk, sheer woods, soft cashmere and cottonwood notes blended together to wrap you in a cocoon of security.

TOP Freesia, Blue Cypress, Apple Wood, Ambrette Seed MID Cotton Wood, Soft Cashmere, Rose de Mai, Winter White Birch DRY Tonka Bean, Skin Musk, Sheer Woods, Vanilla Absolute

Let There Be Bubbles!


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