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The Perfume Society - Launches We Love Discovery Box

The Perfume Society has done it again and has released yet another fantastic discovery box!

I have been a fan of The Perfume Society since the beginning and I'll say it once again, there hasn't been a discovery box that I wasn't thrilled to buy, gift or receive as they are always exceptional and include many new and coveted scents.

There's no better time to indulge in one of them (or more) and get to discover fragrances in your own time and place. The latest one, Launches We Love, includes fragrances that have been chosen for their ‘positivity’ – their power to lift the spirits, or even make us feel like we’re wearing a cloak of armour.

Fragrance is very comforting especially in difficult times and and everyone needs a little boost in their mood especially if you, like me, try to get back into the rhythm of going back to work.

I'll start with the most anticipated launch; the Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 & Molecule 05

Escentric Molecules Molecule 05 is exactly what is says, a molecule and in this case, Cashmeran. In a pure and singular form, Cashmeran was created at IFF in the late 1970; it's soft on the skin, comforting, slightly woody and aromatic with a hint of musk, it's a gorgeous to spray on its own or use for layering with other scents.

Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 uses Cashmeran in a high concentration but now it's blended with the most uplifting ingredients like fig, bergamot, orange, laurel, rosemary, basil, juniper, green jasmine bud, cypress, freesia, iris, jasmine, labdanum, musk, Ambroxan, mastic & Iso E Super to create a scent that smells like warm summer days spent in the mediterranean, sinking your teeth in juicy figs and relaxing under the shade of citrus trees while close by there's a herb garden, a blooming jasmine bush and in the distance the birds are chirping nested in a pine tree. True bliss!

Olfactive O Woody eau de parfum

Olfactive O is a very new and exciting perfume brand that's already been nominated for 2 Fragrance Foundation Awards this year, in the Newcomer & Online Retailer of the Year categories and their fragrances have been created to express the main trait of your personality - or just how you want everyone to perceive you on the day and they all share a special accord to draw out and play with our natural skin scents. Although Woody will smell unique on everyone, I find it to be a perfect scent for the introvert in all of us, it's filled with soft, warm notes of cedar, black pepper, vetiver, leather, myrrh, ambergris, sandalwood & labdanum and I imagine wearing it while reading my book in and old half lit library while sipping a strong coffee with a drop of cognac.

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise

I was lucky to attend the launch of the new trio of Les Compositions Parfumées before the lockdown in February (you can read more here) and Blue Rise caught my eye with its dazzling colour. The fragrance itself is also gorgeous!

Mesmerising blue, dreamy, watery and lucid, Blue Rise uses two magic molecules: the fruity, dewy Helional, and the green, tropical Undecavertol along with a blend of natural jasmine sambac absolute to create an image of tropical water jasmine. An aquatic floral bouquet softened by powdery iris concrete and musky cashmere wood that add a sophisticated drydown to an alluring tropical scent.

Eight & Bob Annicke 5 eau de parfum

If you haven't tried any fragrances from the Annicke line of Eight & Bob you are missing out on an excellent collection. Annicke 5 that's included in the Launches We Love box happens to be my favourite as it's hypnotic, warm, spicy and milky with a honeyed touch and boozy, woody drydown. An excellent comforting scent that can be quite seductive too!!

Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic Women eau de parfum

Authentic Woman is a bright and uplifting scent that brings in the sunshine with juicy pear, mandarin, nectarine and red currant while fragrant bunches of magnolia and lily of the valley create a sensual breeze that settles into a soft and comforting base of woods.

Molton Brown Milk Musk EDP & EDT

We have been treated to both Milk Musk creations by Molton Brown, the EDP and the EDT that can be worn independently or, if you're feeling more adventurous, layered together.

Molton Brown Milk Musk EDP

The EDP is a sweet and comforting fragrance with elemi, musk, ambroxan, vanilla, benzoin of sumatra & tonka bean blended together to provide the ultimate sense of reassurance. I let a sigh when I first sprayed it on me, it gave me the comfort of a hug and enveloped me with creamy vanillic goodness for hours!

Molton Brown Milk Musk EDT

The EDT is a lighter version and I dare say quite different as the notes of pear, peach, musk, vanilla, Ambroxan, white cedar wood & tonka feel like a walk in the woods on a crisp sunny day when everything feels right.

Combined together they are excellent as well with the EDT lightening the sweetness of the EDP and adding a layer of juicy fruit! Perfect for experimenting !

Flower by Kenzo Poppy Bouquet

Kenzo Flower was an instant success when it was first launched 20 (!) years ago! Poppy Bouquet follows in it's footsteps, bringing in the sunshine and feelings of happiness.

Sparkling and fresh, with bright and fruity vibes thanks to nashi pear and mandarin, the velvety rose in it's heart is complemented with glorious, blooming jasmine and gardenia and the sweetest almond wood in the drydown. Calm, positive and quite romantic, Poppy Bouquet is quite lovely!

The Launches We Love Discovery Box also features the fabulous skinSense Anti-Ageing Highly Active Day Cream

The extra treat that we usually get in every box is always excellent and it's not the first time we've had a skinSense cream included. This time it was the award-winning skincare brand’s gorgeous, gel-textured skinSense Anti-Ageing Highly Active Day Cream.

Suitable for every age, it offers much needed hydration for a complexion that appears more hydrated, plumped and firm, as well as being protected against environmental aggressors that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. I've already added it to my daily regime!

Finally once you receive your box you'll also have access to an on-line magazine of SMELLING NOTES to bring the fragrances alive, packed with insider tips and useful info.

My box was gifted by The Perfume Society for review purposes and if you want to get yours follow the link

It costs £19; £15 if you're a member and I highly recommend you become one as you'll get discounts, The Scented Letter in digital format for free and numerous other perks!!


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