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The Perfume Society Niche Collection V Discovery Box

The Perfume Society people have been really busy lately; they've been releasing one fantastic discovery box after another! The Niche Collection boxes have been a huge success, always sold out, and include the latest and most exciting fragrances.

I was kindly sent the latest box, The Niche Collection V to review and I was once again spoilt for choice! With 19 (!) fragrances and 2 extra treats it will make one of the most excellent gifts if you find the strength to gift it rather than keeping it to yourself!

First of all it contains a discovery box from Maison Matine, a very fresh and upcoming brand that I first saw at Harvey Nichols just before the second lockdown but the absence of testers didn't allow me to get better acquainted.

All six fragrances feel like a fresh breath of creativity and my favourites are Bain de Midi, a joyous ray of sunshine, Warni Warni, a sweet musky orange blossom and Esprit de Contradiction, a perfectly balanced spicy floral.

I was thrilled to see Ostens included in this box with Impression Cashmeran Velvet, a beautiful cocooning fragrance, perfect for this season. If you haven't tried anything from them yet this is the best fragrance to start with!

Trudon's Elae is a bright and full floral scent that has the capacity to fill up the room like a rich bouquet of blooming white flowers. It packs the same punch all the Trudon candles do and it feels fresh and invigorating!

Bentley very cleverly launches trios of fragrances and the newest additions to the Beyond Collection have been inspired by exotic destinations. Created for women that love travel. Mellow Heliotrope with it's soft and resinous character that rests on a gourmand vanilla / praline base is my favourite, however Vibrant Hibiscus and Radiant Osmanthus are equally radiant and joyful.

Another trio of fragrances, this time from Storie Veneziane by Valmont, is included in the box and Collezione Privata Lady Code is my favourite of the three, being a sparkling and sensual chypre, Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161 intrigued me with it's lovely iris / vetiver combination, playing successfully with two of my favourite notes and Verde Erba I is a delicate green scent with a lighly sweet finish. A brand I really need to look into more!

Moresque's Lady Tubereuse is also included in the box, a tropical and quite mesmerising tuberose scent that captivates with its warmth. If you love tuberose scents this one is a must try!

The latest additions to the Wood range by D Squared are also included. Red Wood is a translucent fruity scent with a fruity bite and a soft floral heart. Green Wood packs a bit more punch with extra spices and an overload of wood that feels like a walk in the forest. Both interpret the woody theme quite in a sophisticated way and I'd happily wear both of them.

Mihan Aromatics is a brand that's often included in The Perfume Society boxes and for a good reason; they are unique! Guilty Story is a hot, spicy, woody and sweet concoction that has made me sniff my wrist repeatedly while I was wearing it!

Molton Brown has been really busy with many new and exciting releases lately and their latest offering is a celebration of the roaring 20's. Juniper Jazz feels like a gin infused orris, refreshing and comforting at the same time!

I love a good bath oil and Olverum's is a gem! A unique blend of carefully selected plant extracts – with lavender, verbena, eucalyptus and Siberian Fir, provide an excellent and most soothing bath!

I absolutely love Weleda, I'm never without a Skin Food cream and the Pomegranate Firming Day cream has gone straight into my AM routine. I love the scent too!!

Keep them coming The Perfume Society!

See below a breakdown of the products included and prices I copied from The Perfume Society's page:

The Niche Collection V Discovery Box is priced £23 + p&p* to VIP Club Members (£27 + p&p* to everyone else) – be sure to log into your account to take advantage of the special VIP Club price. Inside, you’ll find this amazing line-up of NICHE scents…

Bentley Beyond The Collection Mellow Heliotrope 1.8ml eau de parfum (£165 for 100ml) Bentley Beyond The Collection Radiant Osmanthus 1.8ml eau de parfum (£165 for 100ml) Bentley Beyond The Collection Vibrant Hibiscus1.8ml eau de parfum (£165 for 100ml) DSQUARED2 Green Wood 1ml eau de toilette (£44 for 30ml) DSQUARED2 Red Wood 1ml eau de toilette (£44 for 30ml) Maison Matine Avant l’Orage 2ml eau de parfum (£55 for 50ml) Maison Matine Bain de Midi 2ml eau de parfum (£55 for 50ml) Maison Matine Esprit de Contradiction 2ml eau de parfum (£55 for 50ml) Maison Matine Hasard Bazar 2ml eau de parfum (£55 for 50ml) Maison Matine Into The Wild 2ml eau de parfum (£55 for 50ml) Maison Matine Warni Warni 2ml eau de parfum (£55 for 50ml) Mihan Aromatics Guilty Story 3ml extrait de parfum (AUD $90 for 30ml) Molton Brown Juniper Jazz 1.5ml eau de toilette (£60 for 50ml) Moresque Lady Tubereuse 2ml eau de parfum (€130 for 75ml) Ostens Cashmeran Velvet 2ml eau de parfum (£105 for 50ml) Storie Veneziane by Valmont Collezione Privata Collection Lady Code 2ml eau de parfum (£230 for 100ml) Storie Veneziane by Valmont Palazzo Nobile Collection Casanova 2161 2ml eau de toilette (£136 for 100ml) Storie Veneziane by Valmont Verde Erba I 2ml extrait de parfum (£173 for 8.5ml) Trudon Elae 2ml eau de parfum (£180 for 100ml)

The Niche Collection V Discovery Box also features these divinely fragranced luxury extras…

OLVERUM Bath Oil 15ml (£36.50 for 125ml) Weleda Pomegranate Firming Day Cream 7ml (£28.95 for 30ml)


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