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The Society Kingdom Collaboration

When The Scotch Malt Whisky Society teamed up with Kingdom Scotland this Christmas to pair single cask whiskies with two gorgeous perfumes the result was a sensory delight. Pairing SMWS single cask whiskies with two luscious perfumes, you can fully indulge your sense of smell and taste exploring your olfactory boundaries.

Available to sample at Society venues in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh – including Edinburgh’s Kaleidoscope Bar, Whisky Magazine’s ‘Whisky Bar of the year’ – the partnership explores the fascinating relationship between whisky and perfume.

The best person possible was chosen to orchestrate this pairing; Inspired by a career in the aromatic world of luxury Scotch whisky, Kingdom Scotland founder Imogen Russon-Taylor has created a fragrance house with a difference. Kingdom’s scents capture the history and majestic landscapes of Scotland in a contemporary way. All her fragrances always include a "drinkable" or "edible" element that make them delicious to wear.

The Kingdom scents Metamorphic and Portal have been expertly paired with SMWS Flavour Profiles Lightly Peated and Juicy Oak & Vanilla.


Portal evokes a fresh, outdoorsy, gusting nose with herbaceous botanicals and bergamot, resting on a veritable forest floor of vetiver and Scots pine. Sampled & sprayed with ‘Summer garden curiosity’, a match made in heaven for Juicy Oak & Vanilla.

METAMORPHIC paired with LIGHTLY PEATED Inspired by metamorphic rock, Metamorphic fuses black pepper and tobacco, incense, minerals and rose absolute. As it’s warmed on the skin, the scent reveals a base of amber resin and leather. A natural fit for the Lightly Peated Flavour Profile, the scent was matched with bottling ‘Peat fire tales on Orkney’.

Both pairings are absolutely delicious and perfectly suited for each other. If you like a lighter flavour / smell, the botanical and fresh character of Portal with the mellow, sweet and earthy taste of Juicy Oak and Vanilla is just perfect. If you prefer a more potent flavour / smell, then the zingy, peppery and dark tobacco, incense & leather combo of Metamorphic is matched with the fiery character of Lightly Peated.

The latter pair I think makes an excellent match for New Year's Eve!

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Belonging to the world’s most entertaining whisky club gives you access to exclusive Members’ Rooms, partner bar discounts, colourful tasting events, whisky education, and a monthly members’ magazine Unfiltered. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was established in Edinburgh in 1983 and now has more than 27,000 members and branches around the world. Offering a variety of membership packages that can be tailored, The Society offers a new batch of around 20 single malt whiskies every month. The SMWS bottles rare single malt whisky, and a range of other spirits and has bottled whisky from more than 140 distilleries from Scotland and beyond. A unique way to discover excellent niche malt whiskies every month!


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