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Veronique Gabai - An Ode to Sunshine

During the lockdown we have been blessed with glorious weather that made it somewhat more bearable to stay inside. Likewise I've been focusing more on wearing fragrances that remind me of summer, sunshine and generally the feeling of light carelessness you get while on holidays.

When I received a sample set of some of Veronique Gabai's fragrances, as a competition gift I won, I was immediately transported to a mediterranean beach. Gold and blue with scents inspired by the magic of the Côte d'Azur where Veronique is originally from. Former CEO of Vera Wang and global brand president at Estée Lauder’s fragrance division, Veronique Gabai's namesake brand blurs the worlds of perfume, jewellery and body care in a fragrance-focused beauty line.

Available at Liberty, the range includes fragrance options that are customisable, refillable and even wearable (the fragrant pendant is fabulous!)– with innovative and beautiful packaging, as well as body lotions, a goldie highlighter and a face oil.

The sample set I received is named Veronique’s Addictions and it includes Vert Désir, Lumière d’Iris, Noire de Mai, Sexy Garrigue, as well as 2 boosters, Eau du Jour and Eau de la Nuit, to personalize the fragrances, should you want it.

Vert Désir, a fresh and leafy scent with herbs, mint, absinth and a contrasting dark drydown with a woody and earty finish.

Lumière d’Iris, a surprising green iris fragrance that balances freshness with the powdery facet of this precious material. With the help of bergamot, mandarin, rose, neroli, woods and a touch of amber, iris is warmed up by light and and brings to mind the warmth of summer evenings on the beach.

Noire de Mai is a sultry rose fragrance, it starts off dewy and fresh, almost green and after a while it warms up thanks to woody notes, moss and a touch of amber.

Sexy Garrigue is quite hypnotic, peppery, musky and sensual thanks to labdanum, patchouli, and amber. A perfect scent for seduction!

Eau du Jour, a classic juicy citrus fragrance with an added warmth that can be worn either on its own all day long or it can help youl enhance the luminosity of any fragrance you choose.

Eau de la Nuit, an alluring composition of woods, amber and musks, it adds a mysterious depth to any fragrance you wear but ti can be easily worn on its own and it's sinfully addictive.

My favourite was Lumière d’Iris, which I enjoyed layering with both the boosters as it enhnced a different aspect of the fragrance!

What has given you comfort and made you dream during the lockdown?


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