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Winter Fragrance Choices

A perfect way to welcome winter is swapping to different fragrance choices. With Christmas coming soon I wanted to show you a few fragrances that will help get you in a warmer and more festive mood!

Premier Amour by Benigna Parfums

A sweet gourmand floral that revolves around tuberose, Premier Amour by Benigna Parfums, blends the innocence of everlasting love with unbridled passion in a scent that is sweet, mysterious and alluring.

Heady tuberose flows with heliotrope and a sparkle of bergamot, blended with spicy cloves, sweet tonka bean and creamy woods in a whirlwind of precious materials transform into emotions. When I first tried it, it gave me a feeling of familiarity as if I was reconnecting to a long lost love. It's bright, lush and enveloping in the most comforting way.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 + Patchouli

Molecule 01 + Patchouli is not like any other patchouli scent you've smelt before. Geza Schoen has very cleverly removed a part of the damp closet feeling that this material usually gives you and has replaced it with extra warmth and coziness like a thick and utterly soft cashmere blanket loosely wrapped around you. It's radiant and warm and easily my favourite from the new trio of fragrances they've released.

Byzance by Ormonde Jayne

Soft leather meets gourmand notes in the olfactory journey of the La Route de la Soie collection – translating to ‘The Silk Road’. Velvety, milky and warm with blackcurrant and pink berries, white woods, suede and Madagascan vanilla, this sophisticated scent will warm you up in the most regal way inspired by an old empire.

Bouquet Encore by L'Orchestre Parfum

Sensual, carnal, warm and addictive, Bouquet Encore's mix of jasmin, tuberose and vanilla, amplified by the spark of black pepper creates a euphoric mix that invites you to a night out filled with dance; perfect for the holiday season!

Stay tuned for more festive fragrant choices!


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