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Yú Parfums - Emotions Captured in Olfactory Chapters

Yú Parfums is a brand new membership service for curious noses; a hybrid between a perfume house and a subscription service. They offer a curated edition of 3 exclusive fragrances created by a community of perfumers every 2 months and there are bi-monthly, 6 and 12-month membership options available.

Each edition contains 3x10ml gender-neutral perfume chapters, one refillable atomiser and nine scent sticks all packed in a letterbox friendly recyclable box. Along the subscription service, there is a limited edition 100ml bottles of each chapter available at

I was kindly sent Edition III to try for my review and the theme the Perfumers were given this time was "discreet and intimate skin-like scents, designed to resonate and hold a presence without being overpowering; scents that evoke an atmosphere of silence and serenity."

Chapter VII by Claudine de Vogel

A clean and velvety musk with a bright ozonic feel. Chapter VII opens very bright and fizzy with a metallic rose and fresh peppermint while soon it becomes a skin scent with the softest musk blended with a tame patchouli, woods and amber. Delicate and fresh with the warmth of sun soaked skin. A perfect base to blend with other fragrances or just wear on its own.

Chapter VIII by Dominique Preyssas

A comforting scent with a hint of naughtiness. My favourite of the three, Chapter VIII starts with a bite of black pepper illuminated by the musky ambrette accord that after a while turns into a creamy, woody fragrance. Very long-lasting, it becomes one with your skin and enhances the natural sweetness of it with an added layer of depth thanks to the incense and Cedar Fusion combo.

Chapter IX by Alexandra Kosinski

If you like leather and saffron laid on a musky cushion Chapter IX is the one for you. Caramelised tonka passes through fluffy layers of musks spiced up by cardamom and gorgeous leathery saffron. Delicately powerful fragrance perfect for layering your floral fragrances that might need a little boost!

I really enjoyed wearing all 3 chapters and I'm looking forward to trying more!

Subscription options: Bi-monthly - £40 / 6 month - £105 (£35 per edition) available at


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