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Zafeer Oud Vanille by Alexandre J. - Tropical Vanilla

Do you change your fragrance wardrobe according to seasons? I personally do and around this time of year I'm starting to wear more fragrances that remind me of holiday destinations and give me a feeling of escapism. An excellent example is a very recent favourite, Zafeer Oud Vanille by Alexandre J. that belongs to The Collector line.

Alexandre J. have been quite busy during lockdown having just launched the Art Deco Collection and organising many talks on Instagram to keep fans engaged. They are a fragrance brand that I've been following for a while and really admire the way they operate, their creativity and vision.

Zafeer Oud Vanille is a warm and sensual perfume that brings to my mind images of warm sunny holidays filled with days on the beach drinking cocktails. The beautifully elegant blue metallic bottle only helps enhance those images!

Top notes: Leather Notes, Coconut, Toffee

Heart notes: Clove Bud, Tonka Beans, White Wood, Ylang

Base notes: Musk, Oud, Vanilla

Zafeer Oud Vanille is a delicious blend of leathery toffee with an exotic coconut vibe, seductive, creamy ylang swaying in the breeze, spiced up by clove buds and the softest musky woods sweetened by vanilla all wrapped up in a caramelized drydown thanks to the tonka beans.

I don't really get the oud, it must be a tiny bit in the composition just enough to add depth to the fragrance which only enhances the tropical feel of it. Pure delight!

Do you have any fragrances that help you transport to holiday detinations?

*I was kindly sent the fragrance by Alexandre J. to review; opinions are my own.


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