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Perfume of the week… PRADA Candy Kiss…

This week looks like it’s going to be still warm and sunny but the slight wind that started blowing the last couple of days has made me start to crave little more comfort. PRADA’s Candy Kiss came to mind and I thought that it would make a perfect Perfume of the Week.

Prada Candy Kiss belongs to the collection of the Prada Candy scents and while it channels the gourmand nature of the Candy composition, it enhances its characteristic scent of musk.

Musk is ever-present in the perfume as it is the top note, the heart note along with orange blossom and you find it as the base note as well this time entwined with vanilla.

Although you might think that a perfume based solely on musk could be comforting on one hand but boring on the other, I must tell you that it’s definitely not the case.

Upon spraying the perfume on the skin, you get the musk immediately but it’s light and airy and envelops you like a silk colourful scarf. When the second wave of musk hits after a while, the perfume still remains soft and airy but the orange blossom gives it a lift and it keeps it fresh and invigorating until the vanilla makes its appearance and warms up the composition giving it a caramel vibe which brings memories of the original PRADA Candy.

It’s a lovely creation by Daniela (Roche) Andrier and the perfume lasts for ages on the skin becoming one with your own scent, but only “better”, cleaner and softer keeping you wrapped in a sensual fragrant cloud.

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