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Perfume of the week... Stash SJP...

I am a huge fan of Sarah Jessica Parker. Everything she does is full of life and passion and you can see this or better smell it through her perfumes as well.

Since her first attempt with Lovely, many years and perfumes have passed and she now has the full control and confidence to release exactly what she wants out to the market. If you have read Chandler Burr's book The Perfect Scent, then you already know that this is SJP's signature scent and the one she wanted to develop and market years ago but was convinced otherwise at the time as the “trend” was much different then. She calls it “the naughty, subversive sibling” of her most popular fragrance, Lovely. Announced as sexy and raw, Stash SJP is an aromatic-woody composition suitable for both women and men and is advertised with the hashtag #ComeandFindIt.

Stash SJP is housed in a bottle inspired by old pharmacy bottles, with rum coloured liquid and black details. It begins with notes of fresh grapefruit, black pepper and aromatic sage. Its heart notes include Atlas cedar, patchouli, ginger lily and pistachios, laid on the warm woody base of olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver and musk. The composition is developed in collaboration with perfumers from IFF.

I have worn it continuously for a number of days and have grown to like it a lot. When I first sprayed it, the scent of pistachios overwhelmed me. It is a very familiar scent as in Greece we love our nuts and eat them in great quantities, in food, desserts or just with a stiff drink and pistachios, especially the ones that come from the island of Aegina are renowned for their excellent quality.

However as I continued to wear the fragrance, I started to distinguish all the other notes as well, the fresh and invigorating grapefruit, sparkling with the aromatic sage and spicy pepper on top that prepare the nose for the release of roasted pistachios, cedar and patchouli notes in the middle, before the perfume settles to a warm woody musky scent that mingles with your own skin scent and lasts for ages. Overall it has great projection and gives you the feel of warm cashmere like wood scent, creamy, balmy, almost medicinal at times, never harsh or offending, with a hint of a smoky tobacco. It’s very well blended and having tested it on my friends as well I found it smells different on everyone, giving you the feel of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Very well done Ms Parker!

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