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Perfume of the week… Incognito by Rouge Bunny Rouge…

Our perfume of the week is another masterpiece by Rouge Bunny Rouge and their Provenance Tales Collection. Incognito is a fruity-musk-leather perfume, warm and comforting, yet spicy and sweet.

The notes are:

TOP: Pink Peppercorn CO2 Orpur, Pimento Berry Oil, Plum

HEART: Ylang-Ylang Mohéli, Osmanthus Absolute, Orris Butter

BASE: Patchouli Indonesia, Suede, Musk, Heliotrope

According to the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge "Incognito is an ode to the intense, enormous strength of the perfume envisaged by Alexandra de Montfort and perfumer of the house of Givaudan Shyamala Maisondieu".

Incognito opens bright and spicy with an exploding dose of pink peppercorns that sparkle and put you immediately in a cheerful mood. A ripe and juicy plum soon makes its appearance, mouth-wateringly sweet and fragrant, pushing aside –but not entirely - the spiciness of peppercorns and a touch of ylang and osmanthus add the perfect exotic flowery balance to the fruity heart. Orris butter adds another layer to the scent, a woody/ powdery feel to the composition and tones down the sweetness of the plum before elegant and soft suede, sensual musk and sultry patchouli mixed with heliotrope come to the surface and settle the scent softly and beautifully into an elegant yet passionate and mysterious fragrance that surrounds you and leaves a trail behind you for hours. It suits perfectly both men and women as different characteristics are enhanced and the scent has the ability to transform to the perfect mood companion.

As I also mentioned last week I will follow up with another post sharing with you my experience with some more of the brand’s products and also run a little competition so stay tuned!

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