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10 Magazine & Azzi Glasser at The Savoy Hotel

10 Magazine teamed up recently with creators of luxury gin, Tanqueray No. TEN, on an extra-special project entitled The Perfect Ten, a series of 10 events inspired by passion and featuring talented people in their respective fields fuelled by gin to celebrate creativity.

This time it was the turn of Azzi Glasser, creator of The Perfumer’s Story, who teamed up with Tanqueray No. Ten and the Savoy’s Beaufort Bar on a special selection of cocktails based on 3 of her perfumes.

The exquisitely decorated Beaufort’s barman Kyle Wilkinson created astonishingly delicious cocktails inspired by Azzi Glasser’s ingenious creations ‘Mr. Vetivert’, ‘Old Books’, and ‘Fever 54’.

After a short introduction of Azzi Glasser by 10 Magazine’s Sophia Neophitou, we had the opportunity to enjoy the combination of sniffing lovely perfumes and tasting delicious cocktails based on them.

The first one, ‘Old Books’, is the scent of creativity, intelligence and has unique character and style. The combination of rich resins like incense, olibanum, myrrh, and elemi, wrapped in an accord of patchouli, amber, vetiver and cedar bring out perfectly the smell of an old library filled with the scent of leather and time. The cocktail to match was dry, rich in menthol and with a lemon twist.

‘Fever 54’ came second with the air of the glamorous club and the personality of Jerri Hall. Hedonistic, exotic and provocative, it combines sultry Rose De Mai, dancing with saffron adding mystery and spiciness to the gentle floral notes of ylang, along with the powder musks, red woods and oud oils that give it lasting power. The cocktail that accompanied it was bright pink, fun and fruity, with a banana element that was developed especially for this cocktail. Sipping it you could very easily imagine being transported to the decadent club and hanging out with the cool crowd.

Mr. Vetivert’ came last and made quite the entrance, like the perfect alpha male he is. Charismatic, seductive, debonair and alluring, Mr. Vetivert, is masculine yet soft, inviting and approachable. Vetiver is smoky yet balanced by notes of cypress, laurel leaf and violet leaf at the top, sequoia and clary sage in the heart and musks, black oud and castoreum at the base, giving overall a very smooth and bright composition. The cocktail to match it was strong, dry and aromatic with violets and laurel leaf that gave it extra bitterness.

We all spent about an hour sniffing, inhaling and sipping to take in the most of both worlds and everyone agreed that the combinations of all three perfumes were very successful with the ‘Fever 54’ cocktail winning over the crowd, me included. However Mr. Vetivert holds a special place in my heart as it is one of my favourite notes in perfumery and I find Azzi Glasser’s interpretation of it to be ingenious!


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