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Penhaligon’s Portraits.. a very British perfume family

Penhaligon’s introduced us to a perfume family earlier this year called Portraits. 4 perfumes with unique names, inspired by the British aristocracy and complete with saucy background stories.

We were introduced to Lord George, Lady Blanche, The Duke and Duchess Rose at an event held at their Regent Street boutique, which has been recently refurbished and looks absolutely amazing, with Bloom gin providing us with drinks all night inspired by the perfumes.

The Tragedy of Lord George is a very straightforward and traditional masculine scent with notes of brandy, woody notes, tonka bean and amber that lend a boozy oriental twist on the clean, shaving cream element that sneaks up on you. It is a perfect scent for a proper gentleman faithful to Queen and Country but with his fair share of secrets swept under the rug.

The Revenge of Lady Blanche is a dazzling composition of narcissus, iris flower and hyacinth, powdery, soft, green and floral but leaving a mesmerizing and long lasting trail that makes her presence remembered, feared and much talked about, like a true Lady.

The Coveted Duchess Rose is the beautiful daughter of Lady Blanche and Lord George. Their precious offspring married a Duke to escape her dysfunctional family but somehow got trapped in an unsatisfactory marriage. Her perfume with notes of mandarin orange, rose, musk and woody notes is a beautiful interpretation of her character, fresh, young, bright, romantic, an ethereal beauty starting light and sparkling but quickly turning into a juicy, fruity and spicy rose with a soft musky trail.

Last but not least, Much Ado about the Duke is the perfume dedicated to the Duke Duchess Rose married. His scent a mixture of rose, leather, gin, pepper and woody notes is an exceptional floral masculine scent that changes its character every minute. Avery brief flash of citrus comes first followed swiftly by a plush red rose covered in pepper and wrapped in leather, the gin note giving it a boozy and sparkling lift before it settles to an earthy rose, warm and sensual. Although classed as a men’s fragrance by Penhaligon’s I found it to be very versatile, decadently delicious and fitting for both sexes.

Rumour has it that more members will join the family in 2017.

Lord George in a Christmas mood!

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