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Perfume of the Week... Ambre Tabac by Daniel Josier

Ambre Tabac is our perfume of the week; another exquisite scent from by Daniel Josier’s perfume line that I will be reviewing in the weeks to come. Ambre Tabac was the first one I reached out to wear this week as I find it to be perfect for the cold winter.

The notes are, incense and bergamot on top; middle notes are patchouli and sandalwood; base notes are amber, tobacco and vanilla.

Immediately as I sprayed it, a warm and fruity sensation with a hint of liquor surrounded me. The scent of tobacco, warm, rich and intoxicating appears immediately blended with bergamot and incense that adds freshness and depth to it. The tobacco is not dry but rather sweet and soft with a herbal and earthy scent that reminds me freshly harvested leaves in the process of drying. This sends me back many years when the scent of tobacco was filling my hometown, Thessaloniki, as the tobacco warehouses that stored the dried leaves were right in the middle of the city and there was no chance of going downtown for shopping and not having this olfactory experience; inhaling rich tobacco scent as you strolled around.

As time goes by it evolves in a more complex composition as the sandalwood and patchouli bring out a boozy impression on the skin and the tobacco scent evolves into an image of smoking aromatic cigars and drinking cognac by the fireplace. It slowly settles in the arms of vanilla and amber that transform it into a sweet – blanket like - cozy skin scent that lasts for hours on the skin.

It’s exceptionally made and well balanced, a rich tobacco perfume softened by amber and sandalwood and sweetened by vanilla.

An excellent way to begin our week!

You can find Ambre Tabac online at

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