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Perfume(s) of the Valentine’s Week…

How does love smell?

Is it the scent of roses, chocolate, champagne, oysters, strawberries or simply your lover?

For me Valentine’s smells like perfume – well pretty much everything in my life is connected with perfume – but in this case it is the scent of heavy, heady and seductive perfumes that will make your head spin and leave an unforgettable trail long after you’ve left the room.

When I think of Valentine’s the images that come to mind are Dragon Kisses and Tuberose.

Nothing speaks louder of passion than tuberose and one of my favourites is Noix De Tubereuse by Miller Harris.

Lyn Harris took the already creamy tuberose and added hefty doses of sweet tonka enhancing its sweet and enticing facet.

Mimosa on top adds a fleeting impression of innocence before tuberose appears with a bang and in the arms of sweet tonka. Clover adds just enough spiciness and mystery, while violet the right amount of carelessness.

The result is a beautiful, intoxicating perfume that leaves an unforgettable trail and doesn’t wash off your clothes easily, making it a perfect reminder of you.

Baiser Du Dragon was the first “Kiss” Cartier gave us and when it launched it was accompanied by a magnificent jewellery line with distinctive oriental patterns – one of my favourites I must add.

Intense, distinctive and long lasting, it combines bitter almonds with neroli and gardenia in the top notes that gives a fresh opening to the perfume like a dragon drawing air in and preparing to blow his fiery breath. In the heart the warm woody notes, amaretto and musk give it a boozy almost feeling like rich aged whisky on fire and at the base the vetiver, patchouli and benzoin resin add extra warmth and smokiness.

If you envision yourself like a dragon ready to conquer an entire village or maybe just the one person you desire, this is just perfect for you.

My advice is to combine both perfumes with bold red lipstick!

Have a fabulous Valentine’s week!

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