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4160 Tuesdays Indoors & Outdoors

Our 2 perfumes of the week are Indoors and Outdoors by 4160 Tuesdays

Mrs Gloss & the Goss together with Sarah McCartney at the start of 2016, made and crowdfunded their first fragrance together: the happy summery candy floss rose grapefruit vanilla delight that is #MrsGlossMadeMeDoIt.

Later on 2 more perfumes followed, named Indoors and Outdoors, a couple of unusual, woodsy unisex perfumes for winter


It's a bright winter's day, and you decide to stay inside by the fire enjoying the cold season scents.

Notes: mandarin oranges, hazelnut, blackcurrant, frankincense, cedar wood, musk, cognac, Maltesers. Chocolate with cognac is one of my favourite combinations as cognac (especially Metaxa) is widely used in cakes and sweets in Greece – we use them to wet the sponges used for cakes and this perfume reminds me of a perfectly moist and rich chocolate cake sprinkled with sugared orange shavings. After a while it transforms into a soft and reassuring musky woody scent that lasts for ages on my skin.


A walk through the woods on a bright winter's day, when you're all wrapped up warm.

Notes: linden blossom, white woods, moss, cedar wood, musk and to my nose a very distinctive note of roasted chestnuts dipped in honey, a perfect balance of fire, woods, and moss mellowed by a sweet honey note. I still get the woody notes that become more apparent after a while as time goes by and you walk through a denser part of the forest…

Both of them are exceptional and for the next day or so you can make them yours through the new crowdfunding campaign that includes the first three perfumes plus the new light spring tart lemon sherbet version of #MrsGlossMadeMeDoIt

You can find them here but hurry!!!!

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