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Perfume of the Week… Lemon Sherbet by 4160 Tuesdays

One of the newest additions to the “Mrs Gloss & the Goss” line was Lemon Sherbet, a scent sophisticated but designed to provide a reassuring reminder of childhood treats.

With notes of Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Sherbet dib dabs, Musk and Vanilla it starts fresh and very sparkling with loads of lemon and citrus fruits and you’d expect with this high concentration you’d get a cologne-y feeling but no, the sweetness of vanilla and powdery musk balance them wonderfully and give a dessert like feeling , mouth-watering and almost edible. It does remind me of candy but even more of lemon sherbet ice cream combined maybe with a bit of vanilla for good measure!

It’s an incredibly refreshing perfume, bright and happy, an instant pick me up, so it’s no wonder it became sold out immediately. Sarah is making a new batch that should be ready in a day or two so if you want some, you better hurry because it will go fast!

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