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Andy Tauer Stories

"I can tell you notes and I can tell you materials but it won't really help you."

This is how Andy introduced us to his 3 perfumes that are super exclusive and only appear at a specific shop when he does too. The concept as he explained is that in our times where everything is online and available anywhere and at any time we desire, some things have to be personal and I quite agree myself. I must confess I really wanted to go to the event at the beautiful Les Senteurs shop because I wanted to be among the privileged ones that got to sniff these elusive scents but also meet fellow perfume lovers and hear their thoughts about these perfumes. Perfume is personal, tangible and immersive and as Andy talked for quite some time about them and his inspiration – a sheer joy to listen!- and we took a glimpse of his thoughts, journey so far and his vision.

The 3 perfumes have beautiful and unique names and are:

“He left his cologne in my bedroom”

A beautiful breezy cologne, citrusy yet not sharp but soft and with a warm lingering drydown that is a sheer pleasure to surround you.

“When we cuddle and I can smell your perfume on my clothes”

Sweet cuddly vanilla scent, not too powdery and featherweight, blended with flowers and a rich resinous drydown that definitely leaves a lasting impression.

“Hyacinth and a Mechanic”

My favourite is a perfume that combines beautifully the strong hyacinth scent, sweet and watery, with the oily, petrol scents of a mechanic store – the image Andy had in his mind when creating it was a mechanic after a long day of work at his shop, oily and weary holding a bunch of flowers and the perfume does just that. On me the hyacinth is as strong as the oily notes strong and although you’d think the combination wouldn’t work it does and the result is a perfume with great projection and a warm flowery aura.

I tried it on my husband as well and without telling him what the name was he said the scent reminded him of a new luxury car, leather, metal, shiny rims and fresh interior with a hint of flowers so it’s safe to say that Andy got it spot on!

If you want to try them yourselves and of course meet Andy, you will have to attend an event and the next one will be in Zurich in a couple of weeks!

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