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Agonist Vanilla Marble

Summer has finally arrived and my cravings for ice cream have increased dramatically. My favorite flavor is seemingly simple, plain vanilla, however I have tried a lot of vanilla ice creams and can only name a few that bring to life this exceptional ingredient.

Vanilla ice cream must be soft, creamy, addictive and very aromatic very much like Agonist's Vanilla Marble perfume that envelops you with it's sweet, yet light and cool scent once you spray it on your skin.

Top Notes: Vanilla Infusion, Persian Almond, Tiare Flower

Heart Notes: Tropical Orchid, White Fig, Oriental Amber, Indonesian Patchouli

Base Notes: Australian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean

First spray; you get an explosion of vanilla, sweet and cool at the same time with a hint of the almond and tiare flower and after a while juicy figs and patchouli make a background appearance while more vanilla, sandalwood and tonka add another layering of sweetness at the base but without ever becoming overly sweet or cloying.

All the other notes are there but in the background, enhancing the beautiful vanilla that stays on your skin for many hours. I imagine myself wearing this scent on a very hot summer day while I walk barefoot on my family's beach house's marble floor, eating vanilla ice cream from a very large bowl and listening to the cicadas singing the songs of summer!

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