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L'Oreal beauty products

I read an article recently about L'Oreal and how the company was named the world’s most valuable personal care brand for the fifth consecutive year. You can read it too here , at the Beauty Magazine website.

It got me thinking how much I really like this company's products - and I'm talking about the actual L'Oreal products and not the ones by other companies the group owns - and how much the quality and innovation has improved in the last years compared to when I started buying make up and skincare over 20 years ago.

These are just some of the products I use now, most of them are lipsticks and the Infallible 24 Hr Matte & TotalCover foundation which I swear by.

L'Oreal 's lipsticks are among my favorites and was quite pleased with their GOLD range. I must say I look for the Balmain collaboration which I'm certain will be an immediate hit and sell out everywhere!

The new Revitalift Laser Renew is also exceptionally good as it's light, absorbent while it firms my skin and additionally has the much needed UVA/UVB protection.

I always have a L'Oreal mascara in my make up bag and the new Baby Doll one makes my lashes look huge! the purple one is fab too!

The Fine Flowers cleansing range has the softest most refreshing scent and the wipes are my favorite!

Usually I buy Elive but recently I tried the Botanicals range and was quite impressed not just with the results but by the AMAZING fragrance they have.

I bet you'd be surprised to see how many L'Oreal products you use and consider irreplacaeble!

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