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The Perfume Garden by Marina Barcenilla

Continuing with my reviews of Marina Barcenilla's perfumes, this week we take a look - or sniff to be more precise - of The Perfume Garden, Marina'a first perfume that launched her brand.

From Marina's website:

The Story: Fragranced with a thousand blooms, the Perfume Garden smiles and welcomes you with its roses, such beautiful roses. Feel the magic that emanates from the tree that provides lily pond shade; I nurtured it and I loved it. The Perfume Garden has been my friend for five years, and now I give it to you. No longer mine, an eternal memory, The Perfume Garden

The Notes: Sandalwood, benzoin, labdanum, jasmine, rose, neroli, orange blossom (absolute and organic extract), petitgrain, green mandarin and ambergris. Within the fragrance are multiple rose notes and accords, neroli oils and sandalwood.

I stumbled upon this image online and it couldn't describe better the image I get in my head when I wear this perfume. The initial spray brings a blast of blooming jasmine, rich and intoxicating, followed by beautiful delicate roses and fragrant neroli that dance and swirl together and bring the scent of the beautiful blooms in waves. It lasts very long on my skin and it dries down to a calm and warm sandalwood scent still infused with the precious flowers and makes me sniff my wrists repeatedly! An absolute floral masterpiece!

Marina has an excellent sample service so if you want to try them yourself I strongly advise you to order them and try them!

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