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Christian Louboutin, Bikini Questa Sera

The master of red soles, Christian Louboutin, following the huge success of his beauty line launched in 2006 a trio of perfumes called Tornade Blonde, Trouble in Heaven and Bikini Questa Sera.

Bikini Questa Sera is an Oriental Floral fragrance and the notes are: green notes, jasmine, tuberose, australian sandalwood, haitian vetiver and ambergris.

This one is my favorite of all three and I rediscovered it last week when I was going through my samples and minis to decide what I’ll take with me on my holidays.

It opens fresh and green with an overdose of tuberose that surprisingly floats on the skin and has a creamy feeling like it’s been bathed in the sunshine. The sandalwood adds extra creaminess, while vetiver and ambergris add a bit of earth and salt for balance. Overall it’s very sultry and sensational and quite perfect for summer!

I’m definitely adding it to my perfume travel bag!

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