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Ormonde Jayne Elixir Collection

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I've never met anybody that wears and loves perfumes that hasn't at some point wished that their favourite scent came with a little more oomph, a little more depth and intensity. There's always a wish for the scent to be stronger, fuller and to last longer and now Ormonde Jayne has granted you that wish. If you love her original perfumes, then you'll be glad to hear that ELIXIR, the new collection of five new fragrances inspired by much loved favourites are poured in higher concentration while 2 have Cambodian Oudh introduced to the composition to add that extra something!

I'm such a huge fan of Osmanthus and secretly wished it packed a little more punch myself, which is exactly what Osmanthus Elixir is. Faithful to the original but poured at a much higher concentration, it emphasises different nuances. It's bolder, brighter and crisper while maintaining that joyous floral tone that immediately transports you into a bright sunny spring day walking among blooming flowers. Intense and simply gorgeous.


Pomello, Davana (Sweet Egyptian Herb), Pimento


Osmanthus Absolute, Water Lily, Sambac (Indian Jasmine)


Cedarwood, Labdanum Resin, Musk, Vetiver

Isfarkand Elixir is poured at extract strength. The Elixir is very charming with instant appeal and keeps its tenacity for some time. It's far more woodier with an enhanced cedar note wrapped in sparkling citruses and that familiar dry mossy drydown that now seems a tad sweeter.


Lime, Mandarin, Bergamot




Cedar, Vetiver, Moss

The fans of Ormonde Woman and Ormonde Man will adore Ormonde Elixir. The house signature had the addition of Cambodian Oudh to it's composition which has helped to turn this perfume into a sweet, spicy and intensely woody scent, warm and sensual at the same time with a hint of animalistic spice.

HEAD Cardamom, Coriander, Grass Oil

HEART Black Hemlock, Violet, Jasmine Absolute

SOUL Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Amber, Sandalwood

Ta’if Elixir is a magnificent marriage of Ta’if and Cambodian Oudh. This new interpretation of a gourmand exotic rose scent keeps the initial magic intact with notes of dates, saffron and pink pepper, but the addition of Cambodian Oudh, elevates the rose up and enhances its presence; intensely powerful and utterly seductive.


Pink Pepper, Saffron, Dates


Rose Oil, Freesia, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine


Broom, Amber, Cambodian Oudh

Royal Elixir is Ambre Royal left untouched, but poured at 42% strength. A beautiful scent that is rich and even more hypnotic than the original. One of my favourites, with a green a bitter opening that quickly blooms and softens, the creamy orris butter is more evident now, and with a deep, warm and woody finish that lingers on for ages on the skin.


Green Notes, Orange Absolute, Bergamot


Jasmine Absolute, Osmanthus, Rose Oil, Amber, Orris Butter, Orchid Oil


Cedar Wood, Ambroxan, Tonka, Patchouli, Musk

The Elixir Collection is available exclusively from Ormonde Jayne Perfumery, Old Bond Street and online from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and other perfumeries around the world.

If you have the opportunity to find yourselves in central London, I highly recommend a visit to the Ormonde Jayne boutique so you can immerse yourself to a fragrant universe!

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