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5 Fragrances For Father's Day

There are many things you can buy your dad for Father's Day however a fragrance can make the most excellent gift as it helps create memories and an olfactive connection. Some of the most lovely fragrances that I've tried lately and I think would make excellent gifts are:

  • Brioni Eau de Parfum

  • Lalique White in Black Eau de Parfum

  • Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees, Imperial Green

  • Bentley Momentum Unbreakable

  • Juliette Has A Gun, Musc Invisible

For Elegance: Brioni Eau de Parfum

A short, perfectly tailored formula. Precision-cut from top-notch materials, both natural and man-made. So well balanced it feels effortless – because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Infused with a sense of quiet confidence and understated elegance. In other words: a perfect match for the House of Brioni.

Master Perfumer: Michel Almairac

The fragrance has an elegant and fresh opening with an ozonic feel followed by fresh pink peppercorn and crisp green apple. The main heart note consists of soft and powdery violets that are very prominent and warmed up by ambroxan that gives you the feel of putting on a comfortable piece of clothing. The dry-down keeps the clean and refined feel with naturally grown cedarwood infused with the slightest hint of smooth tonka bean and cashmere-soft musk.

RRP: £95 (100ml) / £70 (60ml)

For Adventure: Bentley Momentum Unbreakable

Crafted from top-notch ingredients matching state-of-the-art technology with the age-old traditions of perfumery and housed in a contemporary textural bottle fronted by a stone plate, Momentum Unbreakable meets the same, uncompromising standards as Bentley cars.

Perfumers: Ane Ayo / Fabrice Pellegrin

Momentum Unbreakable opens bright and zesty with sparkling mandarin enhanced by an aquatic touch thanks to the violet leaves and a flash of lavender that brightens it up even more. Rosy geranium and powdery orris soften the composition while immortelle adds a dash of spice and warmth just before velvety patchouli makes an entrance boosting with its presence the woody facets of the creamy, sensual sandalwood note. Smoky Haitian vetiver and papyrus, create a long-lasting trail of a scent that reminds me late summer evening drives by the Mediterranean coast.

RRP: £69.50 (100ml)

For Comfort: Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible

A fluffy scent as comfortable and unfussy as your favourite old pair of jeans… as appropriate at work as on a casual date. A dreamy and nostalgic smell of comfy notes, laying on a silky base of creamy musk.

Top notes: Jasmine Absolute, Heart notes: Cotton Flower, Base notes: White Musk

Wearing it gives you a feeling of cosiness, safety and protection. The slightest hint of jasmine brings a fresh breath of floral sweetness that adds to the easy going character of the fragrance!!

RRP: £110.00 (100ml) / £85.00 (50ml)

For Innovation: Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées For Men Imperial Green

Lalique presented a cutting-edge collection especially designed for men. Three bold new scents in vivid colours expressing vibrant emotions. A fusion of natural and molecular ingredients, expressing three modern olfactory stories.

Imperial Green

Perfumers: Nathalie Lorson and Julien Plos

Imperial Green is a gorgeous chypre that mixes aromatic lavender with bright orange blossom in a sensual soothing way while earthy patchouli with the help of vetiver and ambroxan take you through a forest after the rain. A beautiful fragrance that bears a classic signature with a very fresh and contemporary twist.

RRP: £190 (100ml)

For Inspiration: Lalique White In Black Eau de Parfum

“I worked with a palette of very luminous and very dark notes – like the black and white notes on a keyboard!”. Master Perfumer: Karine Dubreuil-Sereni

Lalique celebrates the casual-chic elegance of today’s generation with a bracing, high-contrast fragrance, for a man who’s not afraid to embrace all of his facets and contradictions. A provocative first in the world of fragrance, the matte black finish of the glass has a unique characteristic: you can write on it with chalk. Your name, your mood, an inspirational motto reflecting the day’s vibe…

An excellent new classic, casual, chic and elegant with contradicting notes that give a sense of freshness and warmth at the same time. Zingy citruses play with sweet vanilla and earthy patchouli, while the mix of spices in the drydown resurfaces the playful character of the fragrance before resinous elemi and soft lavandin ground it.

TOP NOTES Italian Bergamot Grapefruit Incense

HEART NOTES White Cedarwood Patchouli Oil Tolu Balsam Ambroxan Vanilla

DRY DOWN NOTES Cardamom Oil Pink Peppercorn Elemi Oil Lavandin

RRP: £81 (125ml)

*I was kindly sent the fragrances to review; opinions are my own.


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