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Aaron Terence Hughes - a New Promising Perfumer

At the beginning of summer I was introduced to a new perfumer, Aaron Terence Hughes.

Aaron comes from a creative and scientific family that includes carpenters, joiners, artists, pharmacists, barristers and people working in IT, so he has a brain that is scientific, creative and artistic at the same time.

Highly dyslexic as a child, he faced many difficulties in school both with education and bullying which caused him to hide his creative, sensitive soul. After years long love of dancing and music, at 14 he got into the Rambert school of Ballet while he also played the piano and Cello. Around the age of 13 he also became obsessed with fragrance, essential oils and fragrance. He bought his first fragrance, Kouros, a patchouli heavy scent which was and still remains one of his favourite notes and one he uses a lot in his own fragrances.

“Most of my memories have fragrance attached to them. So I can remember the smell of a lush green wood that was on our property. I can see the bright blue Cornish sky poking through the trees and smell the cool damp, lush green wood, moss and earth. We grew up on a flower farm and used to crush flowers onto my skin. I can smell the musk of my skin combining with the flowers. We also had over 100 chickens and I can remember the smell of the Chicken food mixed with, the wood of the Chicken shed, the straw the chicken shit and finally the Chicken feathers combined with the dust. “

Aaron studied and worked as a hairdresser for 15 years, but wanting more he went on to Study Cosmetic science in London at Degree level, but decided to leave after one year as it wasn’t challenging enough. Then he moved to Cardiff to study Chemistry and two years later he got his degree with hons. After a few years of working for a pharma and two cosmetic companies, jobs that helped him understand the business but weren’t creative enough for him, he decided to launch his own company.

Once the business was settled he started to buy fragrance chemicals, essential oils, and ready made accords as well as study books and videos on perfumery and 3 years (and thousands of experiments) later he created his first Jasmine based fragrance. Although there is too much Jasmine in it so it can never be commercial, it helped him understand how to build a perfume and more importantly developed his style.

He draws inspiration from music, art, emotions or people. “I have to be engaged emotionally to create beautiful fragrance. The easiest creations have come out of feeling happy and connected to my higher creative spiritual brain. The process is quite quick. I have to be inspired and find a suitable piece of music. I then make a few notes and put something down in a rough form then start blending. The finessing of a fragrance can take months. But once it’s perfect it’s perfect. I wear the fragrance out and people start commenting. I’ve been followed around a supermarket before by people asking me what it is I’m wearing. That’s when I know it’s good. "

All of Aaron Terence Hughes' perfumes are certified vegan as well as GMO and cruelty free. There are currently 9 perfumes in his line and a couple more releases coming out imminently that include a lovely oud. He kindly sent me 7 of his perfumes to try a few months ago and since then he has launched the additional 2 and 2 more in a different bottle and price range are about to be launched.

Chocolate, Rose & Oud

A gourmand rose, dipped in chocolate and wrapped in precious oud.

Chocolate, Rose and Oud is a delicious gourmand scent. High doses of Rose Absolute and Vanilla Bean intertwine with Musk and Sandalwood, to create a delectable scent.

Top notes: Turkish Rose (Damascena)

Middle notes: Tonka Bean Tincture, Madagascar Vanilla and dark Chocolate

Base notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Burmese Oud

Cedarwood & Bergamot

A clean shaven gentleman, Cedarwood and Bergamot is fresh, bright and aromatic, combining soft woods with a sharp citrus and earthy Vertiver to create a scent that is both elegant and unique. Top notes: Spanish Lavender, Sicilian Lemon, Mandarin, Neroli and Bergamot Middle notes: Jasmine Sanbac and Vetiver Base notes: Amber and Cedarwood


Neroli is one of my favourites of the line. Summery, bright and warm, it combines this precious note with Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, and Jasmine to transport you in the heart of a lazy summer day.

Top notes: Organic Neroli

Middle notes: Jasmine Sanbac

Base notes: Sandalwood


If you like rose, you will love this perfume. Rose is sensual and sweet, with an oriental feel thanks to a hefty dose of spices and tart berries. Tonka adds sweetness and the hint of oud in the base adds the extra indulgence and mystery.

Top notes: Turkish Rose (Damask)

Middle notes: Spices, Tonka Bean Tincture, Madagascar Vanilla, Lotus Flower, Tree Moss, Dark Berries

Base notes: Patchouli, Musk, Burmese Oud


Oud is fierce! A great combination of this much used material with leather and rose in a classic lasting scent that warms up on the skin and evokes mystery.

Top notes: Leather

Middle notes: Amber, Turkish Rose (Damascena)

Base notes: Patchouli, Burmese Oud, Musk, Animalistic sex

Tobacco, Oud and Vanilla

Another one of my favourites, Tobacco, Oud, and Vanilla captures a nostalgic spirit. It's one of the most popular of the line as it's dry and sweet at the same time and the smokiness it exudes makes it very familiar and comfortable to wear. Top notes: Tobacco Leaf Middle notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Tobacco, Turkish Rose (Damascena) Base notes: Burmese Oud, Cedarwood

Jasmine, Amber and Rose

One more great combination of ingredients, Jasmine, Amber and Rose is another favourite for me as it's easy to wear all year round; a scent that's exotic and sensual with jasmine taking centre stage.

Top Notes: Jasmine Tobacco Turkish Rose

Heart Notes: Vanilla

Base Notes: Amber Burmese Oud Patchouli

Aaron continuously works on his brand and loves to see it grow and more people falling in love with his work.

He will be also be teaching perfumery in Liverpool in an amazing place called The Secret Warehouse. He's also about to build a fragrance boutique onto his house where he will do personal consultations and one to one perfume classes. 

Finally, he will be showing his work at Esxence in 2020. "I hope to see my work in some amazing places next year. The future feels very exciting!" I couldn't agree more!


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