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BohoBoco - When Fashion Translates Into Scent

BohoBoco is a very exciting new Polish perfume brand that offers a selection of fragrances created to combine materials that one would think are opposites. The masterful combination of contrasts was conceived by Kamil Owczarek and Michał Gilbert Lach to evoke emotions, memories and the experience of tasting sophisticated cuisine and came as a natural expansion of their fashion brand that's known for it's minimalistic and modern style.

Coffee White Flowers

My absolute favourite of the line, a bold composition with an eccentric touch; the scent of strong coffee is my favourite smell in the whole world followed closely by lush and fleshy white flowers, so the combination immediately appealed to my nose! Imagine a cup of spicy, chocolatey cappuccino with a dash of vanilla placed next to a vase of freshly cut white flowers and jasmine. The drydown remains equally interesting, bold and boozy with a suede leather finish. Unique and extravagant in a way, a fragrance that can push your olfactory limits.

HEAD NOTES: cinnamon, cloves, chocolate

HEART NOTES: coffee, cocoa, jasmine

BASE NOTES: golden rum, vanilla, leather (synthetic)

Sensational play of contrasts, Bohoboco’s Vanilla Black Pepper is sweet and hypnotising with a piercing spicy blast from the black pepper.

HEAD NOTES: orange blossom, rosebay

HEART NOTES: heliotrope, olibanum, rose, nutmeg

BASE NOTES: black pepper, vanilla, cedar wood, white musk

Earthy and welcoming, Sandalwood Neroli is an ode to this mystical ingredient where it's blended with delicate jasmine and neroli, adding their sweetness to the sandalwood and smoky notes before a warm, woody dry-down of musk and cedarwood round it out and bring it down to earth.

HEAD NOTES: bergamot, neroli

HEART NOTES: jasmine, smoky notes

BASE NOTES: musk (synthetic), sandalwood, cedar wood

Olibanum Gardenia on the other hand is a scent created to take you on a journey to an oriental temple where calming and distinctive frankincense is perfectly harmonised with the sweetness of gardenia, creating an irresistible combination that has a mystical and spiritual energy. Another bold composition where smoke, resins and a rich floral heart create a sensual and mystical olfactory scene.

HEAD NOTES: lime, coconut, neroli

HEART NOTES: gardenia, olibanum, labdanum

BASE NOTES: cedar wood, sandalwood

Seasalt Caramel Have you missed summer holidays? If yes, this is he perfect fragrance to help you escape somewhere warm and sandy. Refreshing sea breeze, suntan lotion feels and the most magical caramel note create a fragrance that immediately transports you to the beach!

HEAD NOTES: lemon, sea salt, pink pepper

HEART NOTES: jasmine, bay leaf, seaweed

BASE NOTES: salted caramel, brown sugar, cedar wood

Red Wine Brown Sugar A selection of dried fruits, red fruits and blackberries presented on a heavy wooden platter to accompany a rich red wine served to you while you're sat in leather chairs. There's an underlining sweetness that gives an even more edible feel to this unconventional fragrance.

HEAD NOTES: dried fruits, red fruits, blackberries

HEART NOTES: patchouli, red wine, cedar wood

BASE NOTES: caramel, liquor, leather (synthetic), brown sugar

Eucalyptus Patchouli is the smell of August in Greece. I can literally feel the way the dry earth smells and the crunch of the fallen eucalyptus leaves releasing their herbal fragrance, the crunch and the scent that tingles your nostrils. Unique and warm with a very earthy vibe, it's another unique creation perfect for summer.

HEAD NOTES: cardamom, pink pepper, eucalyptus

HEART NOTES: frankincense, olibanum

BASE NOTES: patchouli, cedar wood, moss

Geranium Balsamic Note uses frankincense and woody balsamic notes to add a sense of mystery while the vivid aroma of fresh geranium livens up the composition. Warm and discreetly elegant.

HEAD NOTES: juniper berry, bay leaf

HEART NOTES: cedar wood

BASE NOTES: cedar wood, geranium, olibanum, balsamic notes

All BohoBoco fragrances are available at Harvey Nichols, Ab Presents & The Perfume Shop priced at £115 for the 50ml EDP & £45.00 for the Discovery Set 8 x 1.5ml


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