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Cultus Artem - A Collection of Clean and Natural Haute Luxury Fine Fragrances

Cultus Artem, led by creative director and perfumer Holly Tupper, launched its collection of clean and natural haute luxury fine fragrances in 2019. There has been a lot of talk about clean fragrances and in this case Cultus Artem's commitment is about what goes in the perfumes: Fragrance oils, Distilled water and Perfumery alcohol only. All of the formulas are vetted by an in-house Cultus Artem chemist and although not needed in the USA, they have IFRA certification and EU compliance. While Cultus Artem does not test on animals, its perfumes are not vegan.  Butter and honey extracts are ingredients in some of the formulas.

Cultus Artem's approach to fragrance is inspired by the ways that great jewellers spend their lives contemplating gemstones — among the most precious raw materials produced by nature — and how master craftsmen in the first instance, see their primary task to be revealing a gemstone’s individual beauty and character, and then presenting this in a new light that reflects their own gifts and temperaments as artists.

They marry exquisite natural raw materials with traditional manufacturing techniques to deliver a tactile, transparent and engrossing experience with a bold spirit of contemporary creativity.

Cultus Artem comes with eight fragrances in the first collection.

ALBA- Magnolia Alba (dew on magnolia blossoms in full bloom)

INGREDIENTS: Red mandarin, Chinese magnolia blossoms, Hydrodistillation of blooming basil, Verbena of Grasse, Italian lemon, Geranium, Bulgarian rose, French jonquille, Hay, Beeswax of western honey bees, Paraguayan guaiacwood.

Alba is a bright and juicy floral built around magnolia. Sparkly mandarin and the lightly lemony floral scent of magnolias mix with rose and spicy geranium rounded by jonquille and beeswax laid on a soft bed of hay.

ILEX- Ilex Paraguariensis  (mâte green tea blended with indolic jasmin sambac)

INGREDIENTS: Paraguayan petitgrain, Italian bergamot, Neroli of bitter orange trees, Schinus molle of Ecuador and Peru, South American mate leaf, Jasmine sambac, French narcissus, Indian sandalwood.

Smoky dirty jasmine is how I would describe Ilex as it combines a dry, smoky element with a sweet floral note and the most sensual animalic jasmine.

VETIVERIA- Vetiveria Zizanioides (vetyver grass from Haiti)

INGREDIENTS: Haitian vetiver, Coconut pulp, Corsican lentisque, Virginian cedarwood, Chinese orris root, Australian sandalwood, 35 million-year-old Himalayan fossilized amber, Tunisian orange blossom

Vetiveria is a beautiful interpretation of vetiver with the earthy, smoky facet being enhanced by Himalayan Amber, fossilized for over 35 million years. Aromatic and woody it's a calm and versatile fragrance with a primordial heart.

TUBEROSA- Polianthes Tuberosa ( mellifluous languid tuberose)

NGREDIENTS: Indian tuberose, Gardenia, Italian bergamot, Indonesian (Javanese) canaga, Apricot, Indonesian clove bud, French tolu balsam, Siamese benzoin, Indian sandalwood

Tuberosa is a light, airy, velvety, lush gardenia scent. A big hug of white flowers enhanced with juicy fruity aspects, with musks, balsam and gardenia bring to life a full on floral that is narcotic and simply irressistible.

AMARA- Citrus Aurantium var. Amara (orange blossoms of Tunesia hazed with herbaceous marigold)

INGREDIENTS: Tunisian orange blossoms, French tagetes, Neroli of Comoros, Petitgrain, Indian jasmine sambac, Oakmoss, Sweet orange oil, Indian sandalwood, Copaiba balsam

Amara is the perfect orange blossom tree in bloom, mesmerising and captivating. Intensely warm and bright it's sweetness is balanced by the bitterness of the marigold that helps break the spell momentarily.

POETICUS- Narcissus Poeticus (dark smokey narcissus)

INGREDIENTS: Chinese orris root, Clary amber, Egyptian cumin, Indian jasmine sambac, Spanish labdanum, Myrrh, Butter, Chinese osmanthus, Blackcurrant buds

One of my favourites, Poeticus, is intoxicating like a bouquet of Narcissus and Osmanthus flowers, creamy and powdery at the same time. The addition of Myrrh and Labdanum brings out even more the wild and carnal side of these flowers while cumin spices up the composition even more!

CHAMPACA- Michaelia Champaca ( Indian wildcrafted champaca, a spirit medium)

INGREDIENTS: Indian davana, Wild-crafted red champaca, Ylang-Ylang, Apricot, Pear, Chinese orris root, Egyptian violet, Coconut pulp, French opoponax

Champaca is equally fruity and floral, with a creamy, powdery heart . The combination of coconut pulp with powdery oris and violet works very well to crate a tropical effect .

ROSA- Rosa Damascena (Turkish rose buds and cut stems)

INGREDIENTS: Turkish rose damascene, Rose centifolia, Moroccan mimosa, Egyptian cassie, Clove, Indian tuberose, Egyptian honeysuckle, Patchouli, Indian sandalwood

Rosa is an homage combining Rose Damascena from Turkey and Rose Centifolia with Honeysuckle from Egypt, Cassie and Tuberose. Spicy clove and earthy patchouli warm uphe queen of flowers. A vey prominet and joyous rose scent that will please any rose lover!

All perfumes are available at Sloan Hall and Bergdorf Goodman on 5th avenue in Midtown Manhattan .


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