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Fragrant Gifts for Mother's Day

When I started writing my previous post about my 10 fragrance suggestions for Mother's Day I really wanted to add a few more; I didn't think 10 were enough and there's a couple of fragranced products and some new fragrances that will make excellent and unique gifts!

Soleil is vibrant and delicious fragrance from Lalique. The hair fragrance option is equally beautiful and it gives such an excellent subtle scent on your hair! It starts fresh, spicy and zesty thanks to sweet mandarin, freshly roasted almonds and a touch of cardamon, like the first ray of sun peeking through the blinds and caressing your skin urging you to get out of bed and start your day. The almost edible notes of the gourmand heart, caffè latte mixed with a mouth-watering pear granita accord and a honeyed jasmine put a smile on your face while the radiant base notes blows a sweet and soft breeze on your hair.

Tsubaki oil has been a lifelong obsession for me fueled by my love for Japanese skincare and haircare products and my long hair's need for hydration. I recently discovered SheWolf and their Tsubaki Oil is the most deliciously smelling oil I've tried! They've recently won best Shampoo / Conditioner for dry hair that also smell fantastic and are sure to make your hair (and your mum's!) both look and smell fantastic.

BONA Fide candles are exquisitely scented and they are beautifully housed in Porcelaine de Limoges ceramics created by Artoria, each decorated by an Armelle Tisser illustration.

There are six eyes and two mouths in the collection, all depicting a woman's mood...sometimes shy, sometimes delicate, sometimes mystical so you ca choose one that represents your mum! Created by perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer exclusively for BONA Fide, each fragrance is made in Grasse and represented by a colour, creating a real scented rainbow that harmoniously dresses interiors. The ceramics themselves are reusable, whether as a candle using the BONA Fide candle refills, or as refined tableware.

L'Elegante is my favourite, a fresh and sweet scent, with marine notes, watermelon, jasmine and vine peach.

Amorosa by Ruth Mastenbroek is a lively, zesty and carefree fragrance with juicy watermelon, fresh green vetiver, a heart of white flowers and a woody and amber base. Elegant yet distinctive, with a lovely holiday feel! I adore Ruth Mastenbroek's creations as they're all unique and creative!

Xandria by Ormonde Jayne, who's celebrating 21 years in perfumery, is a nostalgic and sensual fragrance, following the Silk Route, with notes of boozy apple, earthy spiced woods and soft touches of musk. Very complex and longlasting.

Abysse by Noeme, starts off quite salty and spicy thanks to timbersilk that surprised me with its character, it has a soft salty sweetness and blended with the nutmeg and davana it's given a spicy floral touch. The heart notes for me represent the flora and fauna of the sea, slightly woody and abstract, while the drydown is comforting, soft, creamy and earthy. A fragrance that truly is poetic and transcending.

Jones & Modha are based in Bristol and produce in small quantities a sustainable and sophisticated natural fragrance. No.1 is a lovely blend of herbal and spicy notes laid on a woody base. It starts with a selection of citruses dusted with a sprinkle of sweetness followed by a floral heart of linden and rose spiced up by ginger and geranium with a hint of freshness thanks to spearmint. The finish is quite woody and soft and the labdanum adds an extra layer of depth and sweetness that makes everything stick together. It’s very long lasting on the skin and it’s giving me a warm and joyful feel. If you’re looking for a natural fragrance and want to support a small company then check them out!

SIIYA fragrances, another new brand that debuted with 3 fragrances, has a lovely warm scent in their collection, sure to delight your mother! Mi Amore is a warm fruity floral with juicy bites of peach and raspberry with a creamy & musky drydown. If you visit their website you can order your bottle customised so your gift to mum can be extra special!

Inspired by the flamingos that live in the Venetian Lagoon, Flamant Rose by The Merchant of Venice is both stylish and elegant. A really lush and flamboyant creation, with orange blossom in the centre of the composition sweetened up by juicy apricots, powdery musk and comforting tonka bean. Warm, creamy and sunny, it’s one of my favourites from the brand!

Lastly, one of my most favourite discoveries from last year; The Bubble Collection ! 6 small batch, handcrafted, niche scents that are split in 2 "bubbles", the Wander Bubble and the Harmony Bubble.

One of my favourites is Connect from the Harmony Bubble, a sweet and comforting cashmere/rose de Mai combo! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the brand will evolve!

Let me know if you got one of my suggestions for your mum!


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