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Iris Fauve by Atelier Des Ors - Inspired by a Goddess

Atelier Des Ors is a perfume house that I have been admiring for a while. The whole concept of the brand, the inspiration, aesthetic, look and most importantly the perfumes themselves are works of art, elegant and refined.

I have tried the majority of them and Iris Fauve is my favourite as it's a wonderful interpretation of this precious olfactory material.

Iris Fauve is inspired by mythology and Iris, the golden winged messenger of the Gods and humans alike. She wore golden sandals like Hermes and although she was a secondary God she was fierce and flew extremely fast, like thunder, which resulted to the colours of the rainbow to appear in the sky. Homer used Iris in his work very much and he was the first to describe with the word "iris" the natural phenomenon of the rainbow in the sky as he considered that the ancient goddess Iris was the one creating it with her winged sandals as she danced and ran so fast, while from where she passed she scattered colors and flowers. That is also why iris is also the name of many flowers.

Moving on from the Greek Gods/ Mythology lesson, the perfume inspired from Iris is equally beautiful, fierce and encahnting.

Top: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Iris

Heart: Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Cypriol

Base: Myrrh, Cistus, Musks, Liatrix

Iris Fauve opens bright and fresh with a surge of glowing bergamot spiced up by cinnamon before delicate, powdery iris changes the mood and colour from bright orange to soft sky blue. The notes follow the flight of the Goddess as she descends from Mount Olympus through the skies and down to Earth to deliver her message. Patchouli and vetiver help turn the tone of the fragrance to an earthy, grounding scent where iris still keeps centre stage with her beauty, fluffy, soft and reassuring, while myrrh and cistus help add a mystical dimension to the composition, as if it captures the exact moment Iris delivers her message and leaves again in a dash, her golden wings helping her ascend to the skies. A sense of serenity comes from the completion of her mission and the scent just lingers on the skin, tender and enchanting with a persistent trail.

A beauiful fragrance that was my inspiration for this year's #smellfie as it provides a shield of comfort and serenity that is much needed under the current circumstances. Stay home and stay safe everyone!


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