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Juliette Has A Gun - Pear Inc. The Scent of Summer!

Pear is such an underrated fruit; although we cherish it very much both fresh and in desserts, it's an ingredient that you don't often see used in fragrances. This was exactly Romano Ricci's source of inspiration; he imagined for Pear Inc. " a refreshing fragrance, with a hint of « gourmandise ». A fruity musk, enhanced with Ambroxan and Pear, like the promise of a beautiful summer"

Pear Inc. by Juliettte Has A Gun is a fragrance built around a green pear, laying on a milky heart of musks enhancing its juiciness and summery feel. By using a number of lovely synthetic muscs like muscenone, an animalic musc enhancer , ambrettolide which adds a musky, ambery and slightly fruity boost to the fragrance and habanolide which has amazing properties enhancing the strength and tenacity of musks while adding elegance to the composition, they have created a juicy and warm fragrance that feels like summertime.

A heavenly fragrance evoking happiness, sunny days and positivity.

Top note: Green Pear

Heart Note: Ambroxan

Base Notes: Musks, Muscenone, Ambrettolide, Habanolide

The opening of the fragrance feels like the bite of a juicy pear, the scent released into the air as you tear through it's green flesh. It mellows very quickly thanks to the musks mentioned before and to me paints a picture of my favorite pear dessert; a poached pear, drizzled in liquor and served hot with ice cream. There's also a boozy feel like pear schnapps in the background and the scent of a soft musky summertime breeze.

A true taste of sunshine…

Do you feel the summer coming?!

Available at Harvey Nichols

*I was kindly sent the fragrance to review; opinions are my own.


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