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Matiere Premiere - When Focus Is In The Raw Materials

Matiere Premiere is the creative approach, in the form of a perfume brand, of Master Perfumer Aurélien Guichard. Based in Grasse, where his family owns a Rose Centifolia organic farm, he has composed 9 fragrances under his own brand, one of which is a Harrods exclusive.

Falcon Leather

I'm a big fan of leather fragrances and the inspiration behind Falcon Leather is truly unique! Using a falconer's leather glove as the the starting point, the tanned leather aroma enhanced by the bitterness of tar and dusted with saffron, slowly takes life of its own and feels animalic and woody encapsulating the life of the forest and the falcon that lands on the glove after a long flight out.

Top Note: Saffron Heart Note: Birch Tar Base Note: Agar Wood

Oud Seven

Exclusive to Harrods, Oud Seven brings out the most luxurious and sophisticated side of oud. Dark, earthy and deeply sensual; a fleeting dalliance with violet leaf and vetiver , it releases it's power and turns into a powerhouse of a fragrance, smoky woody and utterly delicious!

Top notes: Egyptian violet leaf absolute

Middle notes: Bangladeshi oud assam oil

Base note: oud

Parisian Musc

An excellent musc, fruity and playful, with exotic Peruvian Ambrette seed in its unusual heart, it leaves a lingering trail of musky softness wherever you go.

Top note: Fig

Middle note: Ambrette seed

Base note: Cedar

Radical Rose

Award winning Radical Rose, explores the fresh facet of rose centifolia celebrating the first days of spring when everything is new. Dewy and soft, it gets a sprinkling of saffron and grounding from patchouli creating a captivating scent.

Top notes: Saffron

Middle notes: Rosa centifolia absolute

Base notes: Patchouli essence

Encens Suave

The perfect combination of incense and coffee result in a fragrance that's warm, addictive and sweet like a cup of milky coffee enjoyed next to a fireplace that was burning the night before.

Top note: Coffee

Middle note: Incense

Base note: Cistus

Santal Austral

Creamy sandalwood, dances with almondy sweet tonka bean and a light iris floral breeze in a deeply sensual and velvety scent.

Top note: Iris

Middle note: Sandalwood

Base note: Tonka bean

Cologne Cedrat

Italian citrus oil sits at the heart of Cologne Cedrat, highlighting the brand's mission to prioritise the raw materials that it sources from across the globe. Extremely long lasting with the help of Madagascan pepper and Argentine rose bay, while Italian bergamot and Mate Absolute from Paraguay add to the freshness of the creation.

Top note: Pink pepper

Middle note: Citron

Base note: Mate

Neroli Oranger

A glorious orange blossom fragrance, bitter, fresh and invigorating with a herbal sweetness and a radiant heart, easily puts a smile on your face when you wear it.

Top note: Neroli

Middle note: Orange blossom

Base note: Ylang ylang

Bois d'Ebene

Another dark fragrance that draws intensity from guaiac wood strengthened by Indonesian patchouli oil and cypriol oil from India; earthy, woody, with a humid feel, it transports you to a dark corner of the forest just after rain.

Top note: Juniper berry

Middle note: Guaiac wood

Base note: Patchouli

I'm really looking forward to see how the brand evolves and what other glorious materials make their way into Aurélien Guichard's creations.


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