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Miller Harris La Feuille - The Scent of a Summer Garden

Summertime in Britain smells of lush greenery warmed up by the summer sun. The parks and gardens overflow from an abundance of colorful blooms, herbs and thorny bushes laden with delicious berries.

La Feuille captures that bright essence of the seasonal journey in a scent that combines citrus, tomato leaves, galbanum, blackcurrant, red berries, rose, fig, ivy leaves, moss and cedarwood notes.

A very green and juicy fragrance with a very prominent tomato leaf note that's one of my favourite summer fragrance notes as it combines that unique lush green scent with a spicy / earthy touch that's warm and fresh at the same time. Ripe red berries and juicy blackcurrants help elevate the fragrance and a touch of milky fig sweetens the composition while the moss and cedarwood in the base notes, bring you closer to the edge of the forest.

La Feuille is "a scented essay on the leaf" according to the brand and I couldn't agree more as it's green and spicy, sweet and earthy, powerful and fresh at the same time.

A perfect scent to welcome summer!

Head Notes: Cassis, Red berries, Blackcurrant, Galbanum

Heart Notes: Green ivy, Tomato leaf, Fig

Lasting Impressions: Oak leaf, Earthy moss, Evernyl, Cedarwood


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