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Saint Fragrance Candles - Fragrant Escapism

A warm welcome of a burning candle is the best way to set a scene. With the beginning of a new season, as we transition to warmer fragrances, we also start to look for ways to make our homes cosier and more welcome; what better way to achieve this than with candles?

I always have a candle lit at home, even in the morning, however many choose to light one at the end of the day, along potentially with pouring a glass of wine, to mark the end of a working day and help wind down. Especially with home working the last year and a half, little rituals like this helped many separate work / life and keep a little balance in their lives; no wonder that home fragrance products in general have become so popular!

Saint Fragrance is a new London-born lifestyle brand that offers a collection of creatively perfumed products - each designed to seamlessly complement your world & enhance wellbeing. Founded by fragrance industry insiders Sam & Emma Pringle in 2020 who recognized our fast-paced lives were making us feel fatigued & how some of the raw ingredients & fragrances they worked with had the ability to rapidly boost our mood. Experimenting with these began as a project of curiosity but grew organically into their first luxury home fragrance collection.

Their candles have been created like fragrances, with a story / inspiration behind each one of them, with top, heart and base notes and are signed by renowned perfumers. The two I decided to review I chose as I thought they were the best way to transition from summer to autumn.


Fig, Bergamot & Mandarin 200g Candle

The story: Bask beneath the glow of the descending Tuscan sun entwined amid the quirks and flickers of Italian citrus oils, all drenched in the luminosity of a hundred crushed figs. Textures of sensual musk tinted with a gentle brushed suede accord will help you to unfurl.

Perfumer: Alexandra Kosinski


TOP: Bergamot, Green Mandarin

HEART: Fig, Cardamom

BASE: Suede, Cedarwood, Musk

A candle perfect for unwinding, with a fruity, sparkling and cheerful character. Juicy and sweet with a herbal undertone and a gorgeous leather / woody finish, it feels like the last summer rays still playfully making their way into your living room as the sun sets, while you relax in your leather sofa.


Leather, Violet & Vetivert 200g Candle

The story: Refined. Sexy. Ironically modern. This sensual & contemporary take on fine leather fuses spicy saffron with Egyptian violet to create a gratifying lapse in time away from your hectic day to day. Timeless Bulgarian rose oil is framed by a distinctive accord of suede & benzoin, all resting within a shadow of glowing embers and raw Haitian vetiver.

Perfumer: Beverley Bayne


TOP: Violet, Heliotrope

HEART: Rose, Orris, Saffron

BASE: Leather, Benzoin, Amber, Vetivert

A calming and grounding candle, with a lovely contemporary rose / leather combination that feels very sophisticated and smooth. Orris adds a powdery, ethereal feel while the ever so slight touch of spices adds a zing to the composition and the earthy feel of vetiver complements perfectly the leather. A fantastic choice for the cooler evenings!

There are 4 more candles in the line that I'm looking forward to discover and there's a 3 for 2 offer currently on their website if you want to take advantage and stock up!


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