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SO SCENT - A New Cult Perfume Brand From The South Bronx

The Society of Scent is a team of perfumers, brand builders and creative visionaries based in the U.S. that offers customized olfactive consultancies and brand development internationally. They are based in a laboratory located in the South Bronx where their Cult Brand SO SCENT was born with 5 perfumes formulated by nose Jean Claude Delville and guest perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer using the highest quality ingredients.

I have been following them from the beginning as I stumbled upon their project as they were just launching it. In order to introduce their main scent to the public they organised an amazing live presentation with the help of Scent Catcher by Les Parfumables®; a unique way that offers perfume lovers a way to learn more about the fragrances in question.

How does this work exactly you ask?

Last year during Esxence I took part in a very interesting project by Scent Catcher; Alex Lee created a fragrance named Etoilegance, as an homage to Esxence and the perfume was a result of the Esxence competition with a brief inspired by the “stars”. Using a ceramic material called CeraScent® you received the Fragrance Discovery set at home and at a set time we were able to discover it while watching the live feed guided by the perfumer.

With SO SCENT the chosen fragrance was Rose [R]age and the reveal happened on February 13th during an Instagam live session. From their South Bronx lab, Jean Claude Delville led us through the discovery steps and we had a chance to try the perfume and the notes while giving us insight on the creation and a tour of their lovely lab.

ROSE [R]AGE is a flamboyant rose, it starts off fresh and herbal somehow with added tartness from the raspberry before it moves into a darker territory thanks to earthy patchouli, spicy cumin and smoky incense. Created by Jean Claude Delville, Rose Rage is a rose that grows in the forest, a deep and sensual fragrance that draws you in and beckons you to discover it.

CALL∆ LICIOUS, is one of the fleshiest lily fragrances I've tried. Created by Nathalie Feisthauer, it tells a tale of seduction, with it's velvety scent. Calla lily petals blended with delicious vanilla, lush pear, pink pepper, jasmine absolute and the softest musk, it becomes one with the skin; it's very luscious and comforting.

ASPHALT NOIR[E] , by Jean Claude Delville, is a sweet, smoky leather fragrance with birch tar, leather, cardamom, narcissus absolute, earthy cypriol and tonka bean. A surpisingly balanced sweet floral wrapped in leather.

SILVR L⚡GHTNING, by Jean Claude Delville, starts fresh and airy with metallic aldehydes, blackcurrant glaze, white cardamom, smoked tea leaves, pink pepper, ambrette, orris and vetiver. Fresh, clean and sparkling!

ASHEN ORRIS, by Jean Claude Delville, smells like iris rubbed in gunpowder and set on fire. Precious iris, sage and galbanum sunken in ashen woods, powdered coriander, and milky sandalwood create a very addictive fragrance that smells equally, sweet, powdery, scorched and milky and that combination works surprisingly well!

I'd also like to mention that I was really impressed by the packaging of the fragrances! Safe and sustainable!

If you'd like to learn more about The Society of Scent you can follow them on social media and visit their website where you can order the fragrances individually and a sample set which is also available! I'm really looking forward to seeing more exciting perfume concepts from them!


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