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Stunned by Bel Rebel - Cannabis Reimagined

If you're not familiar with Bel Rebel I would suggest you look them up immediately. After a couple of years of running a luxury niche perfumery of the same name in London’s Mayfair, the owner, Natalia, decided to develop her own range of genderless scents that challenge your nose.

I tried the initial 5 fragrances and I must say they immediately struck a chord; Bubblegum is very realistic, fruity and sweet, chewy and mouth-watering, Unrequited is probably my favourite, I love the rose / pepper combo, smells like roses dusted in gunpowder and rolled in saffron, Born to Rebel feels like the beginning of a revolution, quiet and fluffy at first but with a hidden strength within, Rebel Soul is a dark horse with an aromatic soul and Air is very surprising; not what I would expect from a fragrance with that name, wafts of birch tar piercing cold winter air, a fragrance with big personality!

The latest addition is equally playful and challenging. Taking the cannabis trend a step forward and making it wearable, Stunned is like a cloud of smoke blowing through liquified candy, crushed roses and spices and a drydown that feels like lying on the forest floor. I've tried other fragrances with cannabis notes but Stunned stands out at it has a unique sticky feeling thanks to the labdanum that is balanced by a sweetness thanks to vanilla and a hint of blooming roses. It's bold and makes quite an impression with an enhanced lasting power as the addition of patchouli in the base notes boosts the earthy aspects of cannabis that lingers on in the air softened by fluffy musks. Very unique but wearable at the same time!

Top Notes: Labdanum, Geranium, Rose

Heart Notes: Cannabis, Nutmeg, Clove, Olibanum, Myrrh, Vanilla, Carnation

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk

Bel Rebel however is not just about scents; a lot of effort has been put in to create fragrances cruelty-free, predominantly vegan, and produced in small batches, with 100% compostable packaging and refillable bottles without compromising in quality.

*The samples and bottle of Stunned were sent to me by the brand; opinions and photos are my own.


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