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To The Fairest, a Perfume Brand Celebrating Eternal Beauty

Cécile Eau de Parfum is the first fragrance from To The Fairest. The brand's founder, Rebecca Rose collaborated with creative perfumer Penny Williams, to create a perfume that embodies the myth of the golden apple of Hesperides, a precious prize claimed by the 3 most formidable goddesses, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite which through a series of events lead to the Trojan War.

The Ancient Greeks referred to oranges when they spoke of golden apples and were named as such due to their colour. The perfume is trying to replicate the sphere shape of the fruit and draw the senses to its heart.

Artist Vanessa Buchmann was commissioned to create an illustration which captures the experience of wearing Cécile. Her depiction of citrus fruit, rose petals and clove buds, held inside an azure blue sky with golden rays of sun, perfectly expresses the sensation of this unique scent on warm summer skin.

Cécile is a multi-layered fragrance and opens with citruses, bergamot and mandarin before warming up with rose absolute, amber and clove bud. It's seductive, powdery and captures perfectly Aphrodite's promise to give Paris the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, in exchange for the precious prize. The notes do go around in circles and as you wear the perfume throughout the day the character changes from fresh, to powdery to floral and back again keeping a sensual warmth throughout.

Cécile is available as a candle as well and it burns beautifully, scenting your space with its beautiful fragrance.

You can find Cécile at Bel Rebel perfumery (link here)


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