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L’Oreal Botanicals Freshcare hair care – an olfactory experience for your head

Do you choose your shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products based on effectiveness, brand and needs or, like me, firstly on how they smell?

There is no chance for me to pick up a product, no matter how many raving reviews it’s had and not smell it first before it makes its way to my basket. I have used the same products for a very long time because I like the way they smell and I have been looking for something new for quite some time as I am against signature scents - and that includes my hair as well.

Botanicals Freshcare couldn’t have been launched at a more perfect time.

#FindYourBetterNature is their motto and they are an atelier dedicated to crafting luxurious hair care infused with botanical ingredients. They are committed to more sustainability, collaboration, and community while creating high-performance formulations with sensorial textures and fragrances, free of silicones, parabens and colorants.

The line includes 4 different sets of products to cover specific needs. They are named and coloured based by their key ingredient and they are Geranium, Camelina, Safflower & Coriander. I wanted to try all of them (except Coriander as I can’t stand its scent) so I bought one product form each of the other 3 sets.

The Geranium Radiance Remedy was the shampoo of my choice, infused with a concoction of safflower, soya and coconut oils. The formula leaves hair feeling hydrated with a healthy shine, light, vibrant and scented with the fresh, floral aroma of geranium. Carefully crafted for dull or coloured hair.

The conditioner I chose was Camelina Smooth Ritual Conditioning Balm which is infused with a concoction of camelina, soya and coconut oils. The formula detangles lengths, restores manageability and helps tame the appearance of frizz for a smoother-looking finish. It’s perfect for my long hair and it has a fresh, exotic aroma that blends lovely with the shampoo scent. Carefully crafted for dry hair.

Finally I picked the Safflower Rich Infusion Softening Ointment, a nourishing leave-in treatment infused with a concoction of safflower, soya and coconut oils. The formula restores softness to lengths and tips without weighing hair down. I applied it to damp hair for added nourishment before styling instead of the oil I usually use and also in between washes onto dry hair as a finishing touch to smooth and tame ends. It’s infused with a fresh, soothing aroma with a surprising depth. Carefully crafted for dry hair.

I am quite impressed with the results and their scents and will be buying more products as I’ve set my eye on the masks and special treatments as well!

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