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Maison J.U.S. Bloomastral

A couple of years ago I discovered Maison J.U.S and immediately was drawn to their fragrances, offering a unique sensory experience while using some of the best sustainable techniques .You can read my post here

Jean-Baptiste Roux, one of the three founders of J.U.S was in London a couple of months ago for the launch of the latest fragrance Bloomastral, created by Alexandra Carlin and I had a chance to meet up with him at Bloom perfumery for a chat.

Bloomastral was created as a tribute to the most singular of jasmines: the Galant de Nuit. This variety has the specificity of revealing its perfume only at nightfall but its glorious fragrance unfortunately can't be extracted. Alexandra Carlin was fascinated by the scent since first discovering it in Calcutta and wanted to recreate its mesmerising scent by using the fruity freshness of jasmine with the spicy sensuality of tuberose.

If I can use one word to describe Bloomastral is sexy; peachy, honeyed osmanthus leads the way into a rich, jasmine heart in full bloom and a creamy vanillic base of sandalwood.

A sunny floral scent that pays homage to a night blooming flower.

My conversation with Jean-Baptiste Roux allowed me to get a closer look to the brand's commitment to sustainability and how it's evolved through the years, with using vintage designs and bottles, manufactured locally in France, with every aspect being recyclable of reusable.

They allow full creative freedom to the perfumers and let them roam free with their inspiration without a brief so for Bloomastral, Alexandra Carlin suggested she created for them a lovely jasmine flower as she saw it was missing from their collection. Their natural and instinctive collaboration has birthed one of the most mesmerising jasmine scents !

Maison J.U.S are available in Bloom perfumery in Covent Garden.

I also had a chance to quickly catch up in Esxence where their booth was one of the busiest!

The 200 ml long-life refill and spout for the 100 ml, 75 ml, and 25 ml bottles in it's full glory! Made from recyclable aluminium.

Have you tried Maison J.U.S and which one is your favourite?


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